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The Secret Way to Get Your Brand Featured on News Websites

Have you ever wondered how other brands seem to effortlessly get featured on news websites? It may seem like the answer is just "luck". It may seem like which businesses do and don't get coverage is up to the whims of journalists and editors. But I have good news: none of that is true!
Tadeu Rezend
April 13, 2023

How to Publish a Press Release on is the website of the American Associated Press (AP). The AP is a legacy news organization that still holds a lot of weight in the digital world.
Tadeu Rezend
February 7, 2023

Outreach Guide: How to Publish CBD Guest Posts

Discover how to promote your CBD brand with guest posts. This guide outlines the steps for a successful outreach campaign, including examples of past work. Boost your rankings and reach a new audience with this powerful marketing tool.
Tadeu Rezend
January 26, 2023

How We Use Event Link Building to Help Websites Grow

Here at Invalley, we’ve spent a lot of effort finding creative ways to help clients get powerful backlinks. That’s why we have over a dozen innovative link building services. And among the techniques we use, event link building is one of the most unique.
Tadeu Rezend
December 22, 2022

How to Submit a Press Release to Yahoo News

Whether you’re trying to distribute a piece of news about your company or just want a strong backlink, getting a press release published on can be very useful.
Tadeu Rezend
November 3, 2022

New Metrics For Our Premium Guest Posts List

I’m dropping by to let you know that we’ve added some new metrics to our list of Premium Guest Posts.Now you’ll be able to search for websites based not only on Domain Authority (DA), but also Domain Rating (DR), Spam Score (SS), monthly traffic, number of referring domains, and more.
Kay Evers
July 26, 2022

Navigating Guest Post Submission Guidelines

In theory, writing a great guest post article isn’t overly complex. Copywriting is certainly a specialized skill set, but the anatomy of a great article doesn’t change much.
Justin Trombetti
February 24, 2022

Link Building & Off-site SEO: 2022 Trends to Watch For

SEO strategy is naturally iterative. It’s a long-term, incremental process to see results, and Google’s algorithms are always improving (or, at least, updating). One thing that everyone has become keenly aware of is that the focus on fantastic off-site SEO strategy is the key to ranking well on a marketing channel that’s getting more crowded every day.
Justin Trombetti
February 24, 2022

An Insider Guide to Link & Guest Post Outreach

Outreach. Honestly, it’s become an SEO buzzword. Vendors talk about doing it, SEOs talk about getting it, business owners talk about needing it. “Experts” debate about manual vs. automated, and what constitutes either.
Justin Trombetti
February 24, 2022