Monthly Mix

Escape your time-draining SEO tasks and get the most up to date SEO strategies for your website every month.

We have combined our most effective link packages like Premium, Q&A, Brand and Review links, into one comprehensive solution.

Partner with SEO Professionals

What would happen to your website rankings, traffic, and profits if every month you had a team of SEO professionals put their best techniques to work for you? Even in the most competitive niches, we help you drive quality traffic to your website!

White Hat

We use only discreet, safe, and Google-preferred strategies to deliver top rankings.

10 link strategies

You get a diversified set of backlinks from 10 different link sources every month.

Roadmap to success

We create a comprehensive SEO roadmap for your site and work on it every month to help you achieve your goals.

Years of expertise and an unbeatable value

Each year, we work on thousands of different SEO campaigns, allowing us to see which backlinks bring you the best results. We not only have the opportunity to apply our proven techniques , but it also provides us the opportunity to develop new link building strategies in-house each and every month. Let us show you the four-step ranking process!

The Basics

In month one, we lay the foundation for your successful SEO campaign. Together, we decide which URLs and keywords should be targeted. Then, we create a content strategy and write a custom on-site optimization report that provides you with tons of helpful tips. Finally, we get started on building your backlinks.

Content That Converts

Our writing team gets to work on creating interesting content for your niche. Your audience will love reading interesting blog posts, how-to guides, listicles, Q&A and more because we make them relevant and engaging while helping you sell your products.

Backlinks to Dominate

We take the time to find the best possible places for your backlinks and content. The Monthly Mix package is the perfect service if you want backlinks that both generate traffic and increase rankings at the same time. Every month, you will get 4, 7 or 10 new backlinks with an average Domain Authority of 50, depending on the package you choose. With our Tier 2 link strategy, we ensure that search engines find the most important links and won’t forget them. With our Tier 2 link strategy, we ensure that search engines find all of your Premium Guest posts and won't forget them.

Detailed Reporting

You can now sit back and relax! We will send you a report every 4 weeks. While we are working on your report, we keep you updated on what has been done, and what steps we will take to optimize your site. In our emails, you’ll receive an overview of where we stand and what the plan is for upcoming weeks. Every month, you will have an innovative plan in place to help you dominate the SERPs.

As a Fortune 500 company, we pride ourselves on partnering with only the best, and Invalley has been that partner. Alex Jovicich, Gannett Inc.

Our Guarantees To You

Never waste another dollar on ineffective SEO

See The Powerful Results Our Backlinks Are Bringing!

We treat every client with the individual attention they need. Here, you can see how backlinks were carefully built to achieve the greatest impact.

Premium Guest Posts

Manually curated and niche-relevant guest posts. The most powerful links in our toolbox with at least 300+ organic visits per month

Press Links

Articles on popular news sites with contextual links to your website.

Brand Links

Building your brand is the best thing you can do to increase rankings. We are sending strong brand signals to search engines.

Social Links

Showing search engines that your brand is socially engaged and trusted within your niche.

Q&A Links

We build a connection with your potential customers, by providing well-researched answers on sites like

Review Links

Reviews are essential for your online reputation. We publish the best testimonials about your brand on large review sites.

Ranking Results
After 1 Month Of Link Building

Site 1   Highly Competitive Keyword (2 Words) in the Self Improvement Niche.

Site 2   Steady Rankings After Only Two Weeks. Medium Competitive Keyword.


Important Message for Resellers

If you’re reselling our Monthly Mix service, you can get discounts of up to 15%! We include your company logo on the reports so your clients will never know who did the hard work. You can easily mark up the Monthly Mix package without having to worry about missed deadlines, broken links, or low quality content.

Being a reliable and professional business partner is something we take very seriously. Contact us if you plan on ordering 5 or more Monthly Mix packages for your clients.

Order Your Monthly Mix Package

Natural backlinks relevant to your niche

Domains with real organic traffic

Unique link strategies your competitors have never heard of

Consistent linkbuilding to achieve permanent results

"Search Engine Optimization is my full-time job. It's what I do 24/7. It requires non-stop analysis, testing, consistent link building and maintenance in order to stay ahead of your competition. No two websites or niches are the same, so the longer Invalley get to work with you and your business, the more we can do to increase rankings and drive traffic to your websites." Joost Smedts, Co-Founder Invalley

Monthly Mix Packages

BASIC $399 per month Get a diversified set of backlinks every month.
  • 4x DA50 Backlinks
  • Includes Premium Guest Post
  • 4 URLs and Keywords to Target
  • Premium, QA, List Links in Month 1
  • On-Site Optimization Report
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • U.S.-Based Content & Support
  • Tier 2 Indexation Plan
ADVANCED $599 per month Outrank sites in medium competitive niches.
  • 7x DA50 Backlinks
  • Includes 2 Premium Guest Posts
  • 7 URLs and Keywords to Target
  • Premium, Q&A, List & Brand Links in Month 1
  • On-Site Optimization Report
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • U.S.-Based Content & Support
  • Tier 2 Indexation Plan
PROFESSIONAL $799 per month When you need maximum backlink impact.
  • 10x DA50 Backlinks
  • Includes 3 Premium Guest Posts
  • 10 URLs and Keywords to Target
  • Premium, Q&A, List, Brand & How-To Links in Month 1
  • On-Site Optimization Report
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • U.S.-Based Content & Support
  • Tier 2 Indexation Plan
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