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Our writers publish top-notch answers to questions related to your niche. All answers are well-researched, several hundred words long, and backed up with proof. These are the kind of well-thought-out answers that your customers will actually read and click the links in.

Strengthen Your Website's Authority with Relevant Q&A Links


Question and Answer sites continue to gain in popularity. Thousands of visitors engage in discussions on diverse topics ranging from finance and travel to tech and health on a daily basis. Participating in these conversations presents a valuable opportunity to add contextual links to Q&A pages that are relevant to your niche.


Q&A Links enable us to establish a direct connection with your customers. By answering questions related to your niche, you can position yourself as an industry expert. This helps you become a thought leader and showcase your expertise in the field, which can go a long way in improving your brand image.


A healthy backlink profile should include links from a range of sources. Search engines reward websites with organic backlinks, so it's important to diversify your link portfolio. That's where our service comes in handy. We provide 10 backlinks from reliable and respected Q&A sites.

Why Q&A Links Are So Powerful

Have you ever noticed how Q&A sites tend to pop up on the first page of Google for a ton of search queries? That’s because Q&A pages have a lot of ranking power. This means real people are landing on those pages and potentially clicking through to your website. It's no secret that building Q&A links can be a game-changer when it comes to SEO.

We've spent years researching and refining this strategy, and we know exactly how to deliver top results every single time. We'll get you 10 powerful backlinks from Q&A sites, passing both link juice and traffic back to your website. Let us show you how it works...

Step 1

Hunt Down Relevant Questions

First, we'll identify 10 relevant questions that perfectly match your keywords and niche. For instance, if your niche is "outdoor recreation," we'll find questions related to that. If we can't find any relevant questions, we'll create a new one. Good research is super important. When we nail it, it means that there's a better chance of your target audience engaging with our content.

Step 2

Write The Best Answers

After identifying 10 relevant questions, our team of U.S.-based writers will conduct in-depth research to write informative answers. We strive to get it right the first time and ensure that our responses are at least 150 words in length. To make our answers more credible, we incorporate studies, statistics, and other reliable resources whenever possible. For those who want even more detailed answers, we offer a premium option of 300 words or more per response. 

Step 3

Publish Answers With Natural Links

We handle all the nitty-gritty details to create a seamless and natural profile on 10 different Q&A sites. We understand that people want to see value before clicking on a link, so we focus on delivering valuable content in each of our answers. We avoid sounding like pushy salespeople and instead, strategically mention your brand in a thoughtful way to direct readers to your website.

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Our Promises to You

Fast Indexation

Waiting for months for backlinks to be indexed is frustrating. With Q&A Links this won’t be an issue. As Q&A sites receive new content every day, search engines crawl them daily, resulting in fast indexation of our links.

Live Links

You will be provided with 10 live links and login credentials that allow us to add additional content to the accounts. In the event that any of the links are removed, we will promptly replace them

100% Unique Content

Search engines don't like duplicated content. That's why our team of expert writers based in the United States will custom-write each answer for your site and keywords.

Important Message for Resellers

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