Reseller Secrets: How to Outsource Link Building the Smart Way

Reseller Secrets: How to Outsource Link Building the Smart Way

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Tadeu Rezend
Sep 1, 2023

Looking to improve your game as a link building reseller? I'm here to help! 

Our team here at Invalley has supported dozens of resellers big and small over the last decade. That has given us plenty of opportunity to see what does and doesn't work in this space. And today, I'm happy to share some of that insight with you. Here are some trade secrets we believe that every reseller should know.

1 - Look for proper reseller support 

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There is no shortage of white-label SEO services available today, but many of them offer little in terms of support or incentives for resellers.

That is not what you want. The relationship between supplier and reseller is a mutually beneficial one. It's fair to expect some incentives for your sales efforts, and reseller perks can do a lot to help you beat your competition.

For example, here at Invalley, we offer resellers special discounts (up to 20%), white-label reports, special reseller accounts, and more, as you can see here.

2 - Check the money-back policy

Link building is an unpredictable business, so what happens if a link you ordered can't be delivered, or if it gets removed within a few weeks?

Invalley is willing to issue replacements or refunds in both cases, but many agencies don't offer any such guarantees. And if you don't read the fine print, you may end up in a situation where you need to refund your clients out of pocket.

3 - Be smart about pricing

Invalley prices

The whole point of being a reseller is marking up the price of the services you're selling. Despite that, we've seen plenty of resellers struggle because they were undercharging. This is particularly common for beginners.

You need to charge enough to account for your time and effort. Even if you aren't building the links, you're still handling marketing, sales, SEO strategy, customer support, and more. All of that has to be reflected in the final price.

To give you an idea, our resellers will — on average — mark up our packages by 100% or more.

4 - Keep scalability in mind

When choosing a white-label supplier, ask about their capacity and whether or not they can handle large orders. The last thing you want is to have to find a new supplier last minute just because you made more sales than anyone anticipated.

You should also check whether or not an agency has structures in place to facilitate bulk orders. Invalley has a robust client dashboard that makes placing and managing hundreds of orders a cakewalk. And we have experience working at that scale.

An agency that is too small to handle the workload may start missing deadlines or lowering the quality of the work as you give them more and more tasks. This is a story we hear often from people who got burned working with other agencies.

5 - Value suppliers who give you more options

Invalley guest post options

If a client wants something that your main white-label supplier doesn't provide, you can outsource the task to another agency. That is fine as a one-off, but doing it regularly at scale causes problems.

Managing large orders split between several agencies will add a lot of needless complexity to your process. It also increases the potential for quality control issues and human error.

To avoid that, it's best to get the bulk of your work done with just 2-3 white-label suppliers. And you can do that by finding suppliers who offer a wide range of services.

At Invalley, for example, we offer not only guest posts, but Q&A links, monthly links packages, fully managed SEO services, on-site SEO audits, and more. All delivered through the same dashboard as everything else, so it's easy to keep track of everything even as your client list grows.

And if you're wondering, guest posts and Q&A links are the most popular among our resellers. But recurring packages like the Monthly Mix offer the biggest profit potential.

6 - Stick with partners who value transparency

Partners handshake

Clear timelines, open communications, and detailed reports are all good to have when you're working as a reseller. Especially if you don't plan on telling clients that you're outsourcing your link building.

We're very keen on communication here at Invalley. It's rare for something to go wrong, but whenever we hit a snag or a delay, we'll tell you. You'll know what happened, how long it'll take to fix, and what the options are.

As a reseller, having that information gives you options. You can decide how much to tell clients and what options to offer them. You can also get ahead of the issue before a deadline is missed.

We make sure our reports are both detailed and digestible. This way, both you and your clients keep track of how much progress has been made.

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