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An Insider Guide to Link & Guest Post Outreach

Outreach. Honestly, it’s become an SEO buzzword. Vendors talk about doing it, SEOs talk about getting it, business owners talk about needing it. “Experts” debate about manual vs. automated, and what constitutes either.  At the end of the day, it all boils down to a lot of time spent on messages that wind up in […]

February 24, 2022
Navigating Guest Post Submission Guidelines

In theory, writing a great guest post article isn’t overly complex. Copywriting is certainly a specialized skill set, but the anatomy of a great article doesn’t change much.  Where we see most businesses getting stuck is crafting (or editing) that article to fit the publishing requirements of the websites they’re working with. Oftentimes, they invested […]

Link Building & Off-site SEO: 2022 Trends to Watch For

SEO strategy is naturally iterative. It’s a long-term, incremental process to see results, and Google’s algorithms are always improving (or, at least, updating). One thing that everyone has become keenly aware of is that the focus on fantastic off-site SEO strategy is the key to ranking well on a marketing channel that’s getting more crowded […]

How Long Do Backlinks Take to Index?

Indexation: the final frontier of backlinking. Or, at least the last step, and sometimes the most frustrating. You’ve spent hours (or dollars) on a great link building strategy and you’ve done everything right. How long will it take to show returns? Why aren’t your backlinks showing up yet? What can you do about it all? […]

Where to Put Backlinks in an SEO Guest Post

If you’ve followed our content enough, you’ve probably noticed that we repeat one thing fairly regularly: “SEO doesn’t work that way anymore.” The reason we’ve been able to effectively consult and execute on SEO work is because we go out of our way to keep up with best practices and ultimately do what is best […]

Why Are Nofollow Backlinks Important for SEO?

We’ve been doing link building for 10 years; some things change rapidly but others stay the same. One common theme among many of our clients over the years is a preference for dofollow links. Why? Well, obviously, that’s where the “link juice” is coming from. At least, that’s where it’s *directly* coming from. Is this […]

How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Rank?

A question we get often is how many backlinks someone needs to get their site ranking. We love it when people come with a lot of excitement about results, but there’s an opportunity for education here. There’s no such thing as a magic number to get you ranking, even in the context of your own […]

Backlinks vs. Features

If you’ve checked out our Premium Link service, you’ve probably noticed that we have “feature” and “backlink” options available for most of our website offerings. This has been a source of confusion for some, so we wanted to clear it up for you in our blog. The simple answer is that a backlink is usually […]

210% Traffic Increase in 1 Quarter for an Ecommerce Client

Traffic is king. Domain authority, link volume, page authority, trust flow…there are dozens of different ranking factors and buzzwords in the SEO world, but the reality is this: none of it matters if you’re not getting traffic. When we launch a link building campaign, we’re not chasing vanity metrics. We’re looking at what your site […]

Site Penalties and Bad Backlinks:

What they are, how to avoid them, and how to fix them. The dreaded Google site penalty. Thousands upon thousands of sitemasters have relied on organic traffic for their success only to realize their search rankings, seemingly out of nowhere, plummeted. But how do these penalties work, and what do backlinks have to do with […]