New Metrics For Our Premium Guest Posts List

New Metrics For Our Premium Guest Posts List

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Kay Evers
May 22, 2023


I’m dropping by to let you know that we’ve added some new metrics to our list of Premium Guest Posts.

Now you’ll be able to search for websites based not only on Domain Authority (DA), but also Domain Rating (DR), Spam Score (SS), monthly traffic, number of referring domains, and more.

All of these are metrics that can be used to measure how healthy a website is, as well as how valuable a backlink from them is. If you’re not familiar with those terms, don’t worry. I’ll explain each one in a moment.

Assessing backlink quality is an important step in any link building campaign. Our team has used these and other metrics for years to ensure that only valuable guest post opportunities made it into our list. We also use these metrics to help decide when a site should be removed from the list.

However, we’ve never had all of these numbers available in a single place before. Comparing these metrics should help give you a more complete overview of how much a potential backlink is worth. You can also use our filters to exclude websites that don’t fit the metrics you’re looking for.

Speaking of metrics, let me go over all the data points that our team added. If you’re an SEO expert, you can skip this part of the email and go check the new list instead.

Domain Rating (DR): Domain Rating serves a function similar to Domain Authority. Both are scores indirectly meant to measure how valuable a website is in Google’s eyes. They differ in that they were created by different companies and use different metrics. This results in a few high DA websites having low DR, and vice versa.

Which of the two scores is more reliable is an internet debate that won’t end anytime soon. But now you can check both, so there is no need to pick a favorite.

Spam Score (SS): Created by, SS is a measure of how similar a website is to others that have been penalized in the past. In theory, the higher a site’s spam score is, the higher its chances of facing a Google penalty soon. At which point all backlinks from that website will not only lose value, but they might become toxic, harming your SEO efforts.

An SS below 30% is considered low according to Moz and is nothing to be worried about. We keep track of the spam score of sites in our list, and thanks to this update, now you can do the same.

Traffic: This is an estimate of how much organic traffic a website receives a month. While more traffic does not necessarily mean the website is solid, a lack of traffic is often a sign that the website has been penalized by Google. More visitors also means more potential readers for your guest post.

Referring Domains: This number tracks how many unique domains (i.e. other websites) link to that website. As a general rule, a higher number of referring domains means a healthier website.

Combined, these new metrics allow you to do some interesting things using the updated list. If you click on the “advanced filter” button, you’ll see that there are some new options:

You can now set it up so you’ll only see websites that get more than 5 million visitors a month. Or websites that have a spam score below 3%. Or websites with more than 100 thousand referring domains. Or all of the above!

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