How We Use Event Link Building to Help Websites Grow

How We Use Event Link Building to Help Websites Grow

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Tadeu Rezend
May 22, 2023

Here at Invalley, we’ve spent a lot of effort finding creative ways to help clients get powerful backlinks. That’s why we have over a dozen innovative link building services. And among the techniques we use, event link building is one of the most unique.

In this guide, we’re going to go over what event link building is and how we do it, step by step. Here’s what you need to know about this link type.

What is Event Link Building?

The web is filled with platforms dedicated to helping people host, promote, and find both IRL and online events. A good example of this is, which is a site where you can find seminars, conventions, meet-ups, and various other gatherings catering to all sorts of niches and target audiences.

The event listings on sites like Eventbrite exist for a variety of reasons. Some are created by promoters looking to sell tickets. Others are created by government organizations looking to disseminate useful information. Many more are just created by people looking to meet other like-minded individuals.

For our purposes, it doesn’t matter why the event exists. It matters that we can use upcoming events as a way to get powerful and do-follow backlinks.

We do that by creating original content to cross-promote niche-relevant events on other platforms. And then adding your link to those event listings.

Do event links work? Will Google pay attention?

We’ve tested it time and time again, and the answer is yes. Event link building can be a good way to help our website rank higher across your target keywords. It can be an especially powerful tool for sites that need a boost in their number of referring domains or link diversity.

As is the case with all things SEO, it’s hard to say for sure why these links work. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that these are backlinks coming from high DA event websites that receive plenty of traffic.

On top of that, we always make sure the links are included as part of real event listings that are well-written and point to real events. There are no spam signals for search engines to detect because this simply isn’t spam. It serves a purpose, and if there is one thing search engines love, it’s useful content.

Now that you understand the what and the why, here’s a breakdown of how we handle event link building, step by step.

Step #1 – Find a Relevant Event

Our team starts by finding an event that is relevant to your niche, target audience, and your target keywords. Relevance is important, as it allows our content team to include your link and your target keywords in a natural manner when writing the event listing.

For this example, let’s say you’re building links to promote a B2B tech support business. In that case, we’ll find Tech events that are relevant to the business crowd. Like this one:

We always look for events that are 2-3 weeks away to make sure the link will be built before the event has happened.

Step #2 – Write the Listing

Next, our content team will read up on all the information related to the event, and then write content promoting it. These event listings will typically cover all of the information found on the Event’s page, including who’s organizing it, where the event will happen, what will happen during the event, and more. Here’s an example.

We are always careful to make it clear that the listing is promoting a third-party event. We don’t claim ownership of the event, nor it will be implied that your site/brand is hosting the event. A version of this disclaimer will also be included, with a link to the original event page:

The length of the listings and how many of them there will be will depend on the package you ordered. If you’re getting an Event Link as part of the Monthly Mix or an Event Links Premium package, each listing will be at least 400 words long. Otherwise, they’ll be 250 words long.

It’s also during this stage that our writers will include your target link and keyword to the content. Here’s where sticking to niche-relevant events is handy, as it makes it easier to include your link in a natural way. Like this:

How many listings will be written depends on what package you ordered.

Step #3 – Create the New Listings

Needless to say, isn’t the only events platform out there.,,, and various other websites fulfill a similar role. And all of these platforms allow users to create their own listings.

Once you know that, the actual link building is simple. Just find an event website, create an account, and then create a new listing for the event you’re trying to cross-promote.

At Invalley we help boost the effectiveness of your new Event links by optimizing your profile on each of those sites. We’ll add your logo, business description, social media accounts, and a link to your website to the profile. This way, anyone who finds the event listing can learn more about your brand by clicking on your profile.

We’ll optimize each profile as much as possible. However, some platforms have restrictions on what users’ profiles can include.

You’ll also have access to those accounts. Your link building report will also have all the usernames and passwords used on your campaign. That gives you the freedom to edit the existing listings later on or to use those accounts for other campaigns.


As is the case with many of our techniques, event link building is absolutely something you can try to do yourself. It’ll just be a time-consuming chore to get done, especially if you’re looking to match the quality of our work. Which is all the more reason to let the pros handle it.

And if you’re thinking that getting a ton of Event links in one month would look unnatural, you’re right. That’s true of any link building method, which is why we bundled ALL our link building methods together into the Monthly Mix package, which is designed for maximum link diversity.

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