How to Submit a Press Release to Yahoo News

How to Submit a Press Release to Yahoo News

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Tadeu Rezend
Aug 14, 2023

Whether you’re trying to distribute a piece of news about your company or just want a strong backlink, getting a press release published on can be very useful. With a DA of 93, a DR of 92, and over 72 million monthly visitors, Yahoo is one of the strongest websites online today, and we can help you get a press release there. is one of the many sites that our outreach team has a strong relationship with. You can order from us now and have your press release on within 4 weeks. Or 5 weeks, if you’d like our content to put together a press release for you. Check out our order explanation video below:

But how do Yahoo News placements work, and what types of content and links do they accept? This guide will go over the entire process, step-by-step. Including all the information you’ll need to have your content team put together a press release. But first, let’s go over some of the uses for this kind of press release.

Who are Yahoo press releases for? isn’t the only site that accepts press release submissions.,,, and various other news sites all accept the same type of content. And these publications all share two important attributes: they are reputable, and they have great SEO.

Reputable PR

Imagine you’re a startup and you’re about to launch a new product. You have a gorgeous and well-optimized website ready, but because it was only launched last month, it isn’t ranking for any valuable keywords yet. What do you do?

Well, one excellent option is to send out a few high-profile press releases

Because major news sites have great SEO, those press releases will be indexed and start ranking for relevant keywords very fast. That will inform the public about your product launch, and visitors will reach your website by clicking on the link included in the press release.

Having high-profile press releases is also a good way to boost your reputation. These news sites are all famous and reputable, after all.

Imagine if a article all about your brand was one of the first things that came up whenever someone googles your name or the name of your brand.

That’s a nice way to show people you’re serious, isn’t it?

Press releases can be even more valuable if used as part of a larger strategy to bury negative or misleading results about your brand. If you’re interested in curating the search results associated with your brand, the keyword you’re looking for is “online reputation management”. This guide covers the basics of how to do that.

In summary, there are three good ways to use press releases: to generate buzz for a new or existing product, to manage what search results are associated with your brand, and — of course — to get great backlinks from well-established websites. Excited to get a press release of your own published? Here are the steps you need to take to make that happen.

How to get an backlink Backlink only accepts press releases, and we can include one no-follow backlink with every placement. You can learn why no-follow backlinks are a good idea by checking our blog post about it. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to make that placement happen.

Step #1 – Figuring out if you qualify

There are limits to what kind of content and links are accepted on As a general rule, their team will only accept press releases from businesses. Blogs, forums, affiliate link sites, and individuals can’t get their press releases or backlinks featured on the site.

There are exceptions to this. We have been able to get forums and blogs featured on before. But navigating these exceptions is tricky, so if you are in one of these edge cases, I suggest you contact our support team before placing your order. We can analyze your case and let you know whether or not a successful placement is likely.

Individuals are flat-out banned. They will not publish press releases or profile pieces focused on the achievements of individual attorneys, CEOs, artists, or any other person.

Please don’t take these rules as a sign that is fickle. The truth is quite the opposite — when publishing business-focused press releases, our success rate with Yahoo press releases is close to 100%.

Step #2 – Ordering a Yahoo press release

After placing your order on our website, you’ll be prompted to provide our team with your target URL and keywords. You can also provide us with content creation instructions, which is where you can give us a link to your press release, assuming you have one ready to distribute.

If you already have a press release or you’d like our team to write one for you, this is all you need to do. We’ll either distribute your press release, or our content team will have a press release read for your review within a week. However, if you’re not familiar with press releases and would like to write one in-house, there are a few guidelines you’ll need to follow.

Step #3 – Writing a Yahoo News press release

In most cases, we’d recommend that you let our team handle content creation. We’re familiar with the kind of content is likely to publish, and we’ve boiled down putting together press releases into a precise science. You can contact our team if you’d like to see some samples of press releases our content team has written in the past.

If you’re keen on having your content writers create the press release, here are the rules that need to be followed.

  • The brand’s name must be mentioned in the title
  • Include a short summary after the title
  • Include a location and date after the summary.
  • Include press contact information at the end of the article

The overall content of the article also needs to be “newsworthy”. Here there are two directions your writers can take. If you have a piece of business news or recent change to announce, you can write a press release focused on that. Otherwise, you can go for a broader press release that focuses on what your business is and what it does.

Here are some examples of news-type press releases: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

Here are some examples of profile-type press releases: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

As you can see, in both cases the writing style stays formal and direct. The content should be able to blend in with what is usually posted on a news site. It’s fine to be self-promotional with your press release, just make sure to avoid hyperbole or overly-flowery language. The final product shouldn’t read like an ad or a blog post — news articles have a different kind of tone.

Step #4 – Check the results

Press Release Published

If you choose to order from us, it’ll take 5 weeks from your placing your order to the final press release being published. Because is so high profile, Google bots will typically index the new article within days. And it will start appearing in search results related to your brand and your target keywords.

We can’t directly control how well that press release will perform. But in a typical case what you’ll see is an increase in traffic following the press release. This happens due to the SEO benefits of the article and from people clicking on the link to visit your site. And, of course, you should see the press release ranking high or reaching the first page of search results related to your brand name. Depending on how competitive those search results are.

Want to get a deal on placements? Our Monthly Mix package starts at $399 and it includes as one of the guest post options, alongside extra links using one of our many innovative link building strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post the press release on my site?

Yes, of course. You will own all the rights to the press release we write for your order. Feel free to post it on your site, send copies of it to people via email, print it, and put it in your office, whatever makes you happy. You can even ask us to distribute that same press release to other news sites.

Can I submit a Yahoo press release myself?

Yes, you can. But you’d need to negotiate a bulk deal with aggregators. You can see for more info on that. On top of that, you’d also need to produce content up to Yahoo’s standards.

Working with us, even if you have a press release ready, we can smooth things out by formatting it and suggesting changes to increase the chances of it being approved on the first try.

Can I use any link I want?

The link has to be to a page on the website of the company being featured in the press release. You can’t ask for a press release to be written about your competitor and include a link to your site on it, for example. Or ask for the press release to include links to positive reviews about your brand.

On the upside, the link can be to any page on your site. You can choose to include a link to your home page, a customized landing page, a sales page, or any other page on your site. You can even include links to blog posts, as long as those posts are included in your main site, and not on a separate corporate blog.

How long does it take for the press release to be published?

5 weeks. That’s the time it takes from the moment you place your order to the moment the content is published, and it includes 1 week for content production. If you already have a press release and just want it to be distributed, we can get it done in 4 weeks.

If you have a time-sensitive matter to announce and want the press release done faster than that, get in touch. We can try to speed things up, but ultimately how fast things get published is up to’s team.

How will the link be included?

You’ll get a no-follow backlink with your press release. That backlink will have a redirect attached to it. If you’d like to see that redirect for yourself, ask our team for a sample. We’ll be happy to help :).

Will the press release appear on Yahoo’s front page?

No, it will not. has a different section for press releases separate from the flow of regular content.

Some media insiders will keep an eye on those press releases for news and announcements they might want to write about. But by and all, most of the traffic you’ll get on this press release will come from people searching keywords associated with the content, and from people searching for the name of your brand.

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