Backlinks vs. Features

Backlinks vs. Features

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Justin Trombetti
Aug 9, 2023

If you’ve checked out our Premium Sites List, you’ve probably noticed that we have “Feature” and “Guest Post” options available for most of our website offerings.

This has been a source of confusion for some, so we wanted to clear it up for you in our blog.

The simple answer is that a backlink is usually non-commercial and descriptive of the page we are linking to. We write a relevant blog post and include a natural backlink to our client. The anchor text in this post, for example, is “the most common reasons why startups fail”.

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A feature is a full business feature or article on the topic of your choice. Want to talk all about the new product or solution your business has? We can do that. Maybe you want to publish an informative article on Newsmax about a topic that’s important to your industry. The feature option is what you want.

They read more like this article does:

Some FAQ about this distinction.

Is the SEO value the same?

Absolutely. You get the exact same link regardless of which option you choose. If you’re on a budget, or you really only care about the DA, the backlink is just fine for you.

The benefit of the feature is that we can be as promotional as we want to. If you want a nice article to show off to clients or leads, or you want your link to be in an article that might rank for a certain topic, the feature gives you that opportunity.

Is content included? Can we submit our own?

For every service we offer, content is always included. It’s never separate.

Now, some clients want to provide their own content. Some publishers will allow that, but some won’t. We tend to suggest letting the content team do their thing, but talk to us if that’s something you have your heart set on.

I only see one option for some of these sites.

You’re not going crazy, some sites on our list only have an option for one or the other. In other cases, like AP News for example, the format is a press release, and the feature/backlink issue doesn’t apply. Other publications won’t accept any kind of promotional content.

Do I get to see the content first?

Always, yes. We’ll either need to reach out to you for information to include in the piece, or we’ll be submitting a draft of the feature for you to give feedback before it’s published.

We’re big on transparency here.

Whether you’re going with a feature or a regular guest post, premium links are a great option for one-off campaigns. However, if you’re looking for sustainable ongoing growth, our Monthly Mix bundles together guest posts with other valuable link-types. It’s worth a check.

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