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We all have a social cause that we care about and would do anything to support. Since petition and crowdfunding sites are among the most trusted sites on the web, we want to help you apply this little-known link building strategy that seemingly propelled many of our client’s keywords to the top.

Get high-quality backlinks from well-respected domains, which pass on major trust signals to your website

Improve rankings by showing Google that your brand is socially engaged within your niche

Bring awareness to important issues and establish your brand as a socially responsible business

Get Traffic & Backlinks from The Most Trusted Sites

Do you know that social causes published on sites like have reached millions of people? And many of them have even been picked up by popular news organizations like CNN, ESPN, and the BBC. It's an amazing way to generate interest, publicity, and backlinks from highly respected domains, and we want to show you how this link building technique works.

Step 1

Aligning Your Brand

We'll take the time to learn about your business and conduct research on causes related to your niche. From there, we'll come up with a unique angle that aligns with your brand and generates interest in your social cause. For example, if your website is about health supplements, we may support causes related to weight loss or other health issues currently causing concern.

Step 2

Creating Engaging Content

We craft a persuasive and well-researched petition that will encourage people to sign and share it. We also ensure that your petition is visually appealing and easy to read, with attention-grabbing titles and a compelling call-to-action that inspires people to click through to your site. We then publish your petition on high-traffic sites, which will help you reach a wide audience and generate more backlinks to your site.

Step 3


When you partner with us, you not only generate backlinks from some of the most trusted sites on the web, but you also create a positive buzz around your brand. The increased visibility helps improve your search engine rankings, leading to more organic traffic and more opportunities for growth. So, don't just build backlinks - build backlinks with a purpose.

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Can I order this link strategy separately?

We believe that a diverse backlink profile is crucial for achieving top rankings. Our case studies have shown that building backlinks from a variety of domains is the most effective way to reach #1 rankings. That's why we have bundled our most effective link types into our Monthly Mix and All In One plans, ensuring that your link-building campaign is not limited to just one type of link. However, if you are still interested in a customized order, we are happy to work with you to create a package that meets your specific needs. Just reach out to us and we'll be happy to discuss the details with you.

How many links of this type will be included in my package?

The number of links included varies based on availability and effectiveness. We're always keeping an eye on how each link type is performing to make sure it will give your website a boost. If we see that a certain type of link is doing particularly well, we might include more of those in your campaign. On the flip side, if there aren't as many sites available for a specific link type, we might only be able to include a few. We promise that all the link types you see on our site are included, but we can't guarantee exact numbers since it's always changing. If you're curious about the current status of a specific link type, just give our team a shout and we'll be happy to fill you in!