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Every day, thousands of people search the internet for helpful guides on sites like By creating how-to guides and sharing them on popular educational websites, you can potentially reach thousands of new customers.

Not only that, but the backlinks we’ll build in the process are super powerful, get indexed quickly, and have high click-through rates. That’s what you get when you sign up for our How-To links package!

Dominate the SERPs and Boost Your Brand Recognition

Increase Your Number of Backlinks To Improve Rankings

Google decides how credible your site is by looking at the number and quality of sites that link back to yours. That’s why we write 10 How-To articles designed to solve your customers’ problems and publish them on the biggest and best websites. Each How-To article includes a natural, contextual backlink that points to your website.

Links From DA50+ Sites To Boost Your Site Authority

With our How-To links package, you’ll get links from the most well-respected educational platforms on the internet. Readers love these platforms because they offer valuable information about all kinds of subjects - and Google does too! The average Domain Authority of the How-To sites that link to yours will be 50+, and the higher the DA, the more link juice!

Become The Go-To Person In Your Industry

It’s not all about search rankings either - it’s about trust. Your customers need to know that you’re a credible brand before they’ll spend money on your website. We help you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche so that you’re the go-to brand when your customers are looking for your products and services.

Drive Traffic Through Popular Search Terms

Fun fact: “how to” searches have increased by over 140% over the last 13 years, according to reports from Google.

What does that tell you? It tells you that How-To articles are traffic-driving machines. They’re one of the most sought-after and shareable types of online content, which is why you should be publishing them.

The only problem is that implementing a solid How-To strategy can be challenging. To get the most value out of your How-To links, you need to create the very best page possible. You need to target the right keywords, create truly valuable and useful content, and embed your links correctly. That’s where we come in.

Invalley’s How-To Link service is one of our most popular linkbuilding choices for clients looking to share knowledge and build authoritative backlinks in the process. We have years of experience and know how to build awesome how-to links that boost your site rankings and generate traffic.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we do it.

Step 1

Finding The Right Keywords

To start your how-to content campaign off on the right foot, we take the time to research your industry and find keyword phrases that your customers are searching for.

Finding the right keywords takes lots of strategic work, time, and planning. We use research tools like Ahrefs to assess the keyword competition, analyze traffic volume and search intent, and pick out some juicy keywords. We also take a look at content that your competitors are creating and which of their articles are generating the most engagement.

We use all of that information to come up with a topic for your articles and a keyword that we think we have the best chance of ranking for. For example, if your website is in the auto industry, we might choose the topic ‘how to fix car dents’ or a slight variation of the term.

Step 2

Creating A Winning Content Strategy

Once we know what search queries we’re trying to target, we come up with a content strategy to solve your readers’ issues and get them into your sales funnel.

Our expert content writers then write 10 unique articles on the chosen topic, making sure to optimize the article for your keywords and brand. We make sure we cover the topic in-depth and include related keywords naturally in the page content and subheadings.

Longer content tends to rank better in the SERPs as Google knows that detailed content is more likely to meet the needs of your readers. That’s why we offer a Premium package with 400 words per article. To stir readers into action, we include an enticing call to action in each how-to article.

Step 3

Building Your Links On High DA Educational Sites

After the content is ready, we publish the articles on some of the most trusted educational sites on the web to give them the best chance of ranking organically in the results pages.

In the example on the right, the content has been published on WonderHowTo, a hugely popular DA89 website with massive authority. The high DA rating gives it a ton of ranking power and ensures the content gets indexed quickly. As a result, this How-To page ranks in Google for the search query ‘how to fix a dent in a car’, as well as many variations.

Once your content is live, there’s a good chance that customers who search for the article topic will land on your How-To page, click your backlink, and send traffic straight back to your website.

As a Fortune 500 company, we pride ourselves on partnering with only the best, and Invalley has been that partner.

Alex Jovicich, Gannett Inc.

Why Choose Invalley?

Check Out our How-To Link Samples

Interested to see the end result? This is how a typical How-To link looks:

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How-To Links $199 one-time Dominate your niche with the How-To Links package. Get great results with:
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