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If there’s one thing that’s clear about SEO, it’s that the Google SERPs favor big brands. Recognizable brands rank easier, enjoy better click-through rates, and are less likely to suffer from SEO penalties.

And with every new update to the Google algorithm, this preferential treatment only increases. That’s why it’s more important than ever for smaller companies to invest in building their brands—and Brand Links are the best way to do it.

Dominate The SERPs With Your Brand

Build Your Brand for Search Engine Trust

Social proof is a key ranking factor, and Brand Links and mentions are an important part of social proof. When the search engine spiders see people talking about your brand, it builds search engine trust.

Become A Recognized Name In The Industy

This isn’t just about building links, it’s also about building a reputation. Every Brand Link helps to bolster your brand recognition and trust. And Google knows that people like dealing with brands they can trust.

Control Your Brand Image in the SERPs

The way your brand looks online directly impacts your sales. Customers remember the things they read about your brand and use it to inform their purchase decisions. You want to make sure only positive items show up in the SERPs when customers search for your brand. Brand Links helps you with that.

Act Like A Brand, Rank Like A Brand

A solid Brand Links strategy supports all your other marketing efforts so that it’s easier to rank, drive sales, and ultimately boost profits.

Why is branding so important? Well, it all started back in 2008 when Google started really paying attention to Brand Trust signals. Someone figured out that people look for brands to sort out the SERP cesspool and find trustworthy content.

That’s when they changed their algorithm to rank sites based on trust signals, and even filed a patent for it. Ever since then, trust has been used as a crucial ranking factor for providing users with the best search results. If you want to appear in those search results for your target keywords, you need to look like a trustworthy brand, which makes brand optimization a vital part of SEO. So how do you convince search engines that you’re a big brand? Easy, you build brand signals.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the powerful Brand Links strategy we use to help you boost your search rankings...

Step 1

Creating Relevant Content To Support Your Brand Keywords

Topical relevancy is central to your SEO branding strategy. Google builds up a picture of your brand based on the kind of keywords it associates with it.

That’s why we start by writing rich, topically-relevant content to support your brand keywords. Our team of writers will research your brand and put together a company profile page that you can be proud of; one that reflects your core brand message.

We’ll create 10 separate, unique versions of your company profile to make sure that there is no duplicate content and then post them on some of the most popular and authoritative branding sites for your niche.

For example, let’s say your niche is Bitcoin, we’ll create 10 great company profiles and set them up on the most popular branding sites. This will help you to establish yourself as a big brand and dominate the search results for “Bitcoin”.

Step 2

Structuring The Content Of Each Brand Link Page

We make sure that each page is fully filled out when it goes live. We literally don’t forget a single detail in order to make sure that both Google and your customers can find everything they could possibly need to know about your brand.

We include up-to-date information on what services you promote, who started the business, your contact details, social media profiles, what you want to be known for and Google My Business accounts. Including this kind of information is especially important for local SEO.

Our link builders structure the page to make sure your brand name and primary associated keywords take center stage without over-optimizing.

Step 3

Brand Link Building To Become a Household Name

You don’t become a household name overnight, but every website needs a strong push to get going. Invalley gives your website that push.

By using your brand name as anchor text in the content, we can send strong brand signals to search engines that will help you to dominate the rankings in your industry. This can propel your brand forward and get you the visibility you need to grow.

And it’s not just about pushing your rankings up. Amazing stuff happens when you become a brand people can trust: it’s easier to earn social shares and social proof, your traffic is more likely to convert, and you increase your brand exposure.

As a Fortune 500 company, we pride ourselves on partnering with only the best, and Invalley has been that partner.

Alex Jovicich, Gannett Inc.

Add Power To Your Link Profile

Building your brand is the best thing you can do for SEO. Here’s what we promise when you purchase a Brand Links package.

Check Out Brand Link Samples

Online brand profiles are the business cards of today. With the click of a button, your future clients will find everything they need to know about your business. As you can see below, your company pages will look professional and will contain detailed information about your business:

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Nubmer of referring domains's analysis of over 1 million Google search results clearly showed that backlinks built from a diverse group of domains is the best way of getting #1 rankings. While our one-off packages are a great way to get started on your campaign, our Monthly Mix package gives your website the link diversity it needs.

We created the Monthly Mix plan to make sure your link-building campaign is not limited to just one type of link. We have bundled ALL of our link types into our Monthly Mix package, and we are constantly developing and applying new strategies that your competitors never heard of.

Every 4 weeks, you receive a beautiful report with links on niche-relevant domains. We’ll show you all important metrics and make sure those links get indexed quickly. Whichever package you choose, we are super excited to have you on board and look forward to working on your campaign.

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"Search Engine Optimization is my full-time job. It's what I do 24/7. It requires non-stop analysis, testing, consistent link building and maintenance in order to stay ahead of your competition. No two websites or niches are the same, so the longer Invalley get to work with you and your business, the more we can do to increase rankings and drive traffic to your websites." Joost Smedts, Co-Founder Invalley

Our Packages

Brand Links $199 one-time Dominate your niche with the Brand Links package. Get great results with:
  • 10 Contextual Brand Links
  • 5 URLs And Keywords To Target
  • 10 Articles About Your Brand
  • Professional Brand Profiles
  • Report Within 21 Days
Brand Premium $299 one-time Get more content per article, target more brand keywords and receive your report faster.
  • 10 Links with 1500 Extra Words
  • 10 URLs And Keywords To Target
  • 10 Brand Pages With Images
  • Optimized Call-To-Actions
  • Report Within 14 Days
Monthly Mix $399 per month Choose the Monthly Mix Basic package to get a diversified set of backlinks every month.
  • 1x DA50+ Premium Guest Post
  • 3x Niche Content Links
  • Tier 2 Indexation Links
  • 4 URLs and Keywords to Target
  • Premium, QA, List, How-To Links all included
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